5 of the best free icon packs for Android.

Android Icon packs are apps that help you to change or theme your icons in such lovely ways that will make your phone look much more polished and cool. There are however tons of icon packs out there and as such making a choice might be difficult. I’ve decided to quickly run through five of the best icon packs that I’ve seen out there and if you think that I didn’t include your favorite icon pack, kindly drop a comment. Please note that the packs listed are not in any particular other.

Sunshine Icon Pack [4.4 Rating in Play Store]

The Icon pack has about 1600 icons and some wallpapers. It also has an icon request tool. The icons have sizes up to 192 by 192 px

Created by Sammy design, it is a really lovely.

Moonshine Icon Pack [4.4 Rating in Play Store]

This pack has about 1000 icons and was inspired by leaks and rumours and came out really fine because of the combination of the creativity of Valiant Pixels and their taking heed of the new guidelines by google.

It features a Material design dashboard app and a Muzei wallpaper support. It comes with about 28 stylish wallpapers.

Rondo Icon Pack [4.4 Rating in Play Store]
This pack has almost 2000 icons, 19 wallpapers and the icons are category based. It comes with an icon request tool as well as regular updates. It is made by Benas Dzimidas who is a really good at what he does.
Glim Free Icon Pack [4.5 Rating in Play Store]
This has been one of the best Icon packs that I’ve ever fallen in love with and I only had to remove it because I found another amazing launcher that was smaller in size but I do still miss Glim.
Glim has over 1500 icons and are all high quality. It has over 100 cloud based wallpapers from  the abstract and photography category. It is designed by Maximillian Keppler and also has a paid version with even more icons. The icon pack alson has a varient called Glim Dark and has an even higher rating of 4.6

Polycon Icon Pack [4.6 Rating in Play Store]

Though still in beta mode, people still love this app so much that it already has over 10k installs and with over 5000 saying the they love the Icon pack, they can’t be wrong. It packs so much detail has an icon requester and with theme engine support. It’s my current icon pack and I love it.


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