7 of the Most Amazing Android Launchers

Most Amazing Android Launchers

One of the most amazing feature of Android is the fact that one can customise/personalise it to run the way one feels or pleases. It is for this reason that I present seven of the most amazing Android Launchers.


The killer feature of the Launcher from Google Inc is the good way with which it integrates with google search feature. Google Now cards can be easily reached by swiping to the right of your Home screen. The OK Google of the launcher is a little hyper-active but makes the launcher drag a bit on low-end phones. Google just used the launcher to push their products to more users. I love the fact that when it comes to functionality, it does a pretty good job most especially if you are someone who’s always using Google Search.


This is a launcher that I love because of the way it presents apps. If you are someone that is very organised, you will most likely fall in love with this home replacement app. It categorises your apps with respect to functionality, an information it derives from Google Play. It portrays a material design and uses little system resources that means you are less likely to get a lag as a result of this launcher. There are various themes that you can use to enjoy what could have been a boring but effective launcher.


Z Launcher is brought to us by Nokia, and it includes a way different way of interacting with the phone. It’s so simple to use as all you need to do is to scribble any letter to find what you want. For example, Scribbling the letter “F” will show you a list of apps that start with the letter F, some of your contacts, and websites that start with the letter F. It’s much more enjoyable to use because it’s a launcher that keeps getting better because it keeps adapting to your usage thereby giving you more relevant stuff every time you scribble.


When Aviate started out, I was really happy and when yahoo bought it, it got better. This is because Yahoo integrated the launcher with their services. Aviate looks something like Google Now and Smart Launcher because it has a power feature when you swipe to the right of the home screen as well as sorting apps according to categories. There’s also a screen that shows a list of all the apps needed in alphabetical order. There is this really smart feature that stands Aviate launcher out and it’s the fact that it can use the time of the day and location to decide which app it presents in the category and home screen.


This is my favourite launcher however, it’s definitely not the most amazing launcher out there even though it won the #1 spot on Android Central’s Best Android launchers of 2015. The Quickbar, Quicktheme, and Covers function, are the feature that I cherish the most on this launcher. In one simple way, it organises and functions the way I expect a smartphone to work and really hope that it can be the stock launcher for Android someday.


Inasmuch as AL3 serves me well, I can’t afford to be biased on this list of amazing android launchers, Buzz Launcher is undoubtedly much more amazing and yes it is similar to Themer but I chose it over themer because it has a whole number of themes that were created by regular android users and creative users. Buzz brings creativity to a whole different level and when I was using Buzz, it always got people wowed as they almost couldn’t believe that I was using an Android phone. If you want something absolutely creative and customisable, then you can’t afford to look any further.


most amazing Android Launchers - TSF-Launcher-Shell

At a size of just 10mb, it is almost unbelievable what TSF launcher can do. It’s probably the most fascinating ever to grace the Android workspace with its home screen operations, screen switching modes, and the miracles that can be performed with the dock bar make TSF the most amazing jaw dropping Android Launcher out there. I once had a friend that kept changing his launcher as often as possible and after I installed TSF Launcher for him, he never dared to change it.


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