Best way to install Android Apps on your Blackberry Phone

There is a new level of freedom that was afforded Blackberry users some time back. They initially couldn’t install android apps straight on but somewhere around 10.2.1, blackberry decided to allow the direct install.

This post however, is about the best way to install Android apps. Most people will think it is to install the default Google Play store but the truth is that for some reason, downloads do fail on from the play store for reasons like insufficient storage and network issues.

Two reasons why I do recommend MoboGenie is that it is pretty safe and you will get official apk files from there and downloads can pause and continue at a later time, not to mention that it saves the apk file on your local storage so that you can access it later.

To install mobogenie all you need do is visit their website on 

After you must have downloaded the mobogenie app, install directly on your blackberry and enjoy like a boss!!!

Please note that not all android apps work correctly on BB10 and I am not liable for any loss whatsoever that you might incur from running an android app on your blackberry device.

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