BM-800 Microphone Review

The BM 800 Condenser microphone is light at just 0.35kg but do not be deceived, this microphone is an excellent piece of recording hardware.

This condenser mic has a Zinc alloy body, Steel net (usually gold plated), and a shock-proof mount.

The microphone uses phantom power and hence it is super quiet and doesn’t take in much noise.

The frequency response of this dude is at the range of (20Hz to 20KHz) and that is pretty wide. Thus, sound actually come on with a more natural feel.

This microphone is great for any professional use be it a studio recording or for home use and even the radio.

The thing with phantom powered microphones is that they produce more detailed sounds and hence, you will need to power this dude with about 48 volts. Truth is, you need to use a good sound card that can juice out the awesomeness of this phantom mic.


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