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The Childish Ibadan Boy

The Childish Ibadan Boy

I was about to sleep last night when I checked my brothers facebook wall just to see that he had beaten me to what was happening in our ancient town of Ibadan. There was a trend happening in my city, and I had no Idea? I don’t have to really feel bad you might say,

Apple is Set to Start Manufacturing its iPhones in India

Apple is set to start manufacturing its iPhones in India, by May/June this Year. The Indian state of Karnataka has welcomed a proposal from Apple to begin initial manufacturing operations in the state. The governoment of Karnataka noted that “Apple’s intentions to manufacture in Bengaluru will foster cutting edge technology ecosystem and supply chain development

Most Amazing Android Launchers

7 of the Most Amazing Android Launchers

One of the most amazing feature of Android is the fact that one can customise/personalise it to run the way one feels or pleases. It is for this reason that I present seven of the most amazing Android Launchers. 7. GOOGLE NOW LAUNCHER The killer feature of the Launcher from Google Inc is the good

Here’s Why You Should Cover Your Webcam

Hello there. Have you ever seen people that will walk up to you and tell you to Cover your Webcam? Well, as creepy as it may sound, it’s been said by the FBI director James Comey while speaking at a conference in Washington. According to James Comey, it feels very Sensible to cover a webcam