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LEAGOO Alfa 5 Review

Just last year did LEAGOO come up with the Alfa 5 with a desire to make affordable much more classy than it has ever been and believe you me, this phone is less than $80 and is worth much more than it’s cost. Design The LEAGOO Alfa 5 has a plastic body and that is

Cubot X16 Review – Straightforward beauty

The initial interesting thing about the phone is the thickness of it, but when you consider the power and fact that it comes with a 16MP, back camera with lot of other functionalities including air control, you will agree with me that this is beauty in the electronic form. Design The phone is crafted from zinc alloy

ZTE Blade S6 Plus Review

The ZTE Blade S6 Plus is an iPhone 6 lookalike and has great design and feel. The highlight of the phone is it’s slim nature and curved edges that make it look sleek and handy. It also has an IR Blaster that means you can use this phone as a remote control for your TV.

The Three Sides of Glo Mobile Nigeria

Glo Mobile is undoubtedly the second biggest telecoms company in Nigeria and has been my preferred network provider since over ten years now. My most exhilarating moment on the network was when the glo mobile overload bonus started and I could get 15 mb for every recharge as well as a double airtime bonus while

How I got duped by the Gearbest team

There are bloggers coming up everyday and there is probably not enough story out there about how bloggers make some mistakes before getting it right. This is my story on how I made a mistake based on rational thinking and got swindled for it. It is not a new story when you hear about Nigeria

Toyota Avensis 2015 short Review

The 2015 model of the Toyota Avensis makes it more appealing because a lot of new features has been added. I decided to rush through this post because we are celebrating independence day in Nigeria and as such decided to go a a care that is being sold in Nigeria as you can check on

LG gram Review

The LG gram has a 13″ and a 14″ model but both are ultra slim, with instant booting and with a core i5 or i7 processor respectively. Design The two laptops are ultra-slim at just half an inch and weighing 980g it is cool to see how this could have been possible especially when the

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