How I got duped by the Gearbest team

There are bloggers coming up everyday and there is probably not enough story out there about how bloggers make some mistakes before getting it right. This is my story on how I made a mistake based on rational thinking and got swindled for it.

It is not a new story when you hear about Nigeria that the first thing that comes to mind is either corruption or boko haram and as such young Nigerians trying to make it in the online market have to work extra hard so as to make it. I started this tech blog in the year 2011 and went solo for a while before I continued it back sometime this year. It wasn’t long that a company lots of people might be familiar with got interested with the quality of posts that I put up and decided that they should do business with me having me post links in my posts for their products and at which a fee was agreed.

As a good business gesture, I decided to do the first few for free after which the deal kicked off with me going through the first cycle with an amount that was meant to cost about $65 only, I agreed to be paid $50 in any way a company of that size should be able to pay me $100 instead but I decided to be the charitable party. I guess this very action deceived the team to believe that I was a simpleton but I intend to set the record straight once and for all.

After my payment could not be paid due to the inability of paypal to process funds to a Nigerian account I decided to take two units of a product that was on promotion and asked that it be sent to me. The team at Gearbest then sent me one unit of the product with a regular price which I decided to forego. I continued my job as agreed with the hope of getting my payment at the end of the second cycle and it was then that my cumulative balance rose to $119 leaving out the extra cents.

I sent an invoice to my contact at Gearbest ‘Seth’ but got no reply I waited two weeks and sent an email to the support email as well as the email of my contact but in the process of our conversation I was again offered $50 instead of $119 which I then rejected. My constant reminders throughout last week did fall to deaf ears and has brought me to some conclusion and advice for two sets of people.

Firstly the bloggers out there. If you have to do business with anyone especially the Chinese people, get your money before doing anything and if you need advice on how to price your work, kindly contact me and I will guide you. You would notice that the Chinese market is built on a cheap labour system and some business people like the team are looking out for emerging blogs like mine to service them with cheap labour and then cheat them. If any online company has cheated you in anyway, I will implore you to write about it and let the whole world know the bad eggs and the leave customers out there to buy products and services from the people that are for real.

Secondly to the prospective clients out there. Kindly carry your money elsewhere and do not do business with the gearbest team this is simply because if they are stupid enough to attempt cheating a blogger that is meant to help them build their business, they will definitely not care about the end user out there that will be needing their support. I can safely guess that most reviews on their site will probably be doctored or gotten via false promises.

You might ask why was I so gullible to trust them, well, online business is based on reputation, when you build good reputation, it will follow you and generate revenue for you, when you build bad reputation like the Gearbest team is solidly investing in, you will definitely get your reward.

What’s more, it’s exponentially easier to build a bad reputation than a good one because bad news travels like wild fire.

I will leave you with one last thought. “If it is too good to be true, It can not be true”


I am an Ibadan-based Tech blogger that loves to give my commentary about interesting topics in the tech world. My motivation is to help people that are not so tech-oriented understand at a very basic level whatever topic I decide to post on. You can always use the contact page to reach me if there's anything you would like me to write about.

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