HUAWEI Honor 6 Plus Review


The HUAWEI Honour 6 Plus is a beautiful beast at 5.5″ and with the parallel dual rear camera, you will always have an insanely great camera experience. So, let’s dig in.


The higlight of the design of this phone is that the back cover is bullet-proof (fibre glass), yes – bullet proof, that has a six-layer composite coating.

The front screen is with anti-fingerprint coating while the metal frame is polished with diamond machine technology. Why else wouldn’t you feel honoured to own this beast?


You shouldn’t expect anything less than a great device with a name such as honour and Huawei didn’t disappoint. We have 5.5″ full HD touch screen and clarity is at 403PPI.

At a 78.2% screen to body ratio you would easily notice that the phone feels comfortable on the hand. An 85% colour saturation is good enough but the super high contrast ratio of 1500:1 will make your eyes see vivid colours.

Hardware and Storage

The Kirin 925 Octa Core processor is that kind of element that will ensure that you get things done at the speed of light, with a 3GB ensuring that there is no lag and a Mali-T628 taking care of your graphics processing, you are definitely in for a great time.

The phone uses dual 4g FDD-LTE SIM technology while the battery has a capacity of 3600mAh .

The 16GB internal memory is ok but I strogly believe that 32GB would have been much more honourable but, not to worry, there is room for memory expansion.


Camera and OS

The dual camera at the rear actually helps you to take shots as you would see with your naked eyes ensuring that more light and detail will be permitted. The Back and front cameras are all 8MP.

As for the OS, it runs on a base Android 5.0 and is simplified by the emotionUI (iOS7 look-alike) that also has rich functionality including but not limited to Light trail painting, MAgazine unlock screen, phone manager and Magic Touch Plus.

On-Point Rating

The On-Point rating of this mobile is at 7.2 because if Samsung or iOS had this same specs, it wouldn’t have a battery as strong and would probably sell for at least double the price.
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