HUAWEI Honor X2 Tab Review

The HUAWEI honor X2 tablet is a dual sim 4G tablet that is not only classy but strong and built to last. The highlight of this tablet is the 5000mAh battery which I believe is pretty impressive.


The X2 tablet from huawei is made from aerial hydronalium metal, moulded with nanotechnology has a thickness of only 7.18mm and a 80% screen occupancy. Most tabs have good audio technology but this one has a better sound as it uses second generation Smart PA intelligent amp to ensure that sound quality is     bright pure and in high fidelity. The three levels of audio (hi, mid and low) are well perceived as a result.

The micro USB port is at the base of the tablet while the audio port is at the top. The power and volume buttons are at the right side with simslots (one nano sim and one micro sim) at the top and buttom edge of the right side. This leaves the left side with no port or button.


As earlier said, the tab is at 7” and with a display resolution of 1920 x 1200. The touch capacity is ten point.

Hardware and Storage

The HUAWEI honor X2 phablet uses the 64 bit Hisillicon Kirin 930 2.0GHz Octa Core CPU and the Mali-T628 GPU to ensure high fast performance and fast rendering and high quality graphics.

The 3GB ram supplements the performance and ensure almost zero lag while the 32GB of internal storage give you enough room to store all your apps, games and media.

On the battery end, a capacity of 5000mAh is impressive on its own but when you add cutting edge reverse charge capability, you get 30% more total charge giving you a feel of a 6500mAh of battery juice. This way you should be able to use your tab for anywhere between 30 hours through to 120 hours depending on the usage weight. The battery, of course, is made from Lithium-ion. The battery saving technique individually targets application management, electricity control, process optimization and LET optimization.

You will be able to use your sim on the 2G, 3G and 4G network while WiFi connectivity and hotspot functionality is also provided.

Camera and OS

The X2 tablet ships with a 13.0 MP rear camera even though cameras are not the strong points of tablets. The rear camera has 5 precision lenses, blue glass optical filter, AR film design and good low quality picture quality because of F2.0 aperture.

The front camera on the other end is with a 5.0MP sensor, 22mm wide angle lens 1.4um large pixel photosensitivity with support also for low light images.

It ships with Android 5.0 (Lillipop) and have a colourful UI. I will recommend buzz launcher for this device as it will cement the beauty that it radiates from outside to the inside.

On Point Rating

The features of this phone exceed that of the average tab. A part of me wants to believe HUAWEI could have given the tablet out at a lesser price but summarily, I’ll give it an OPR of 9.8 of 12 since it’s still an enviable device after all.


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