Smart Kid drives to McDonalds after learning from YouTube

Smart Kid drives to McDonalds after learning from YouTube

Smart Kid drives to McDonalds after learning from YouTube

News has been going round about the 8 year old kid that drove to McDonalds after learning to drive from a YouTube video.

The interesting thing about the internet is how it’s really easy to pick up a new skill if you are smart and inquisitive enough. I have always learned new skills by searching through YouTube to look for short tutorials that go straight to the point. If the tutorials prove to be above my head, I then look for the lengthy ones that are more detailed.

It’s really cool that the young kid was able to know that he could learn new stuff by going on the internet and then was brave enough to give it a try right away, and did really well at first try. While it’s totally amazing wrong, the cool thing was that the kid didn’t know that it was wrong for a kid of his age to be driving, neither did he know that it was also wrong to drive without a permit.

Seeing a 8 year old drive is unexpected and the sight of him bringing the car by himself to McDonalds by himself felt so unreal that the employees of McDonalds “knew” (you know that point when you have a predefined idea in your head that you think can’t be wrong) it was a prank. I would probably have thought that it was a prank too.

Hmmn, I know I left out the part hat he wasn’t driving alone, He had his sister as a passenger and while he was careful enough not to drive fast (good he didn’t learn it from a video game) he was still pulled over by cops who noticed the weird act and detained him till his grandparents came to fetch him.

It was good to know that he and his sister were not charged and were allowed to enjoy their snack while waiting fro the grandees.

I totally would love to have a kid this smart but will also want him/her to check with me before trying something new or better still find out the legality of such an act. I personally don’t think his parents should scold him crazy, I just think they should help him cultivate and navigate his quest for knowledge.

What do you think?

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