LEAGOO Alfa 5 Review

Just last year did LEAGOO come up with the Alfa 5 with a desire to make affordable much more classy than it has ever been and believe you me, this phone is less than $80 and is worth much more than it’s cost.


The LEAGOO Alfa 5 has a plastic body and that is expected since it is a budget phone. However, it is not just thinner but also lighter than your average phone and this is definitely because the LEAGOO brand is a stylish and functional brand.

The right side has the power button while the left side has the volume buttons making single hand operation so enjoyable as you can reach the power button with your thumb and the volume with your middle and ring fingers. The audio jack and the microUSB port is at the upper end of the phone and this is such a minimalist design that I find fascinating.


The screen has a size of five inches (5.0″) and a pixel density of 294 PPI that is pretty appropriate for the screen resolution that is set at 1280×720. It actually doesn’t feel like much but then you would appreciate it if I told you that the pixel density is above average for the smartphones released in 2015.

With the display shining forth with the popular IPS technology, you are sure that the display is not hard on the battery or on your eyes.

Hardware and Storage

I love a device with a great spec but I love it more when the greatness of the specs is evident. The Alfa 5 runs a speedtrum SC7731 quad core processor with each core having a maximum speed of 1.3 GHz, a Mali-400 GPU and a 1GB RAM.

The internal storage is at 8GB while you can add up microSD of up to 32GB and that’s good enough or really generous given the price of this lovely gadget.

As the phone doesn’t support 4G be sure to enjoy the 3G it can work on and also it will be cool to note that it supports the accelerometer and GPS sensors.

I can’t however, avoid to mention that the battery capacity of 2200 mAh feels inadequate but is still good enough.

Camera and OS

The camera was definitely the first feature that intrigued me as the front camera is a 5.0mp while the rear camera is a 8.0mp while there is HDR capture functionality as well as LED flash and auto focus.

The LEAGOO OS 1.1 is built on the Android 5.1 OS but improved to ensure there is less battery drain as a result of ensuring lower power requirements while ensuring a really smooth user experience.

On-Point Rating

Truth be told, this phone is worth a full score of twelve but I will still give it a 10.5 of 12 as I am certain that LEAGOO must have removed one or two things from the original design of this great phone that I couldn’t help but buy.

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