Lenovo Vibe Shot Z90-7 Smartphone Review

The Lenovo Vibe shot Z90-7 smartphone is a really classy phone that is very strong on the camera and can also has a great power management system that can squeeze out about about 438 hours for you in standby time.


The phone has a thickness of 7.6mm and the metal frame was born fro 40 working procedures. It was designed with double sided corning glass gorilla glass to ensure the strength and durability of the phone.

There are the buttons for volume, power and camera control at the right side of the Z90-7 as well as a capture mode button to help you select between pro and auto mode. The audio port is at the top side of the phone while the charging (micro USB) port is at the base of the phone just between the speakers.

As you can see, it comes in three beautiful colours but the white is my favourite.


The phone is 5″ in screen size and with a resolution of 1920 x 1280 which is full high definition and a quality of 441 pixels per inch. The contrast ratio of 1500:1 means that you will get a really vivid and rich colour experience especially because of the NTSC colour saturation level of 100%. This colourful experience will be mostly enjoyed when playing high end games like game of thrones of FIFA 15.

Hardware and Storage

The phone is powered by a 64-bit snapdragon octa-core processor which is actually a combination of the 1.7GHz Cortex A53 quad core and 1.0GHz Cortex A53 quad core. The GPU is the adreno405. It is packed with the accelerometer, proximity, compass and  G-sensors that makes the phone pretty functional.

The phone operates on the 2G, 3G and 4G networks on the dual micro SIMs that it can house while having WiFi connectivity and hotspot capabilities.

The Lenovo Vibe is equipped 3GB ram to help the CPUs while there is an internal memory of 32GB while having room for external memory.

On the battery, it is with a 3000mAh capacity that’s with 640Wh/L energy density to ensure that it will give over 400 hours in standby time.

Camera and OS

The phone is really strong when it comes with the camera and any professional photographer will find it interesting to use since you can decide to take photos in the professional mode that is quiet similar to manual mode of DSLR cameras. It has a really fast auto focus speed of 0.157 seconds on the back camera that has 16MP sensor. The back camera has optical image stabilization and a  triple-LED flash system that’s in place to take care of highlights of shadows in pictures and resulting in better detailed images. The camera can also take high dynamic range photos. The front camera has a 8.0MP sensor.

The phone ships with Android 5.0 and with a customized VIBE UI 2.5 that give a more personalized experience.

The only downside of this phone is that it doesn’t support upgrades or have a fingerprint scanner. However, if you fancy photography, this is a must have.

On-Point Rating

This phone is great and because the pricing, I’ll have to give it a rating of 9.2 out of 12.

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