LG gram Review

The LG gram has a 13″ and a 14″ model but both are ultra slim, with instant booting and with a core i5 or i7 processor respectively.


The two laptops are ultra-slim at just half an inch and weighing 980g it is cool to see how this could have been possible especially when the Laptops are made from really strong materials. The body of the 13″ LG gram is made from a very durable Magnesium alloy while the 14″ is made from Carbon Magnesium and Lithium Magnesium to ensure the strength of either of the computers.

They come with one HDMI por, two USB 3.0 ports, one Micro-SD slot, an audio out port for your auxiliary or headphones and a micro USB port with RJ 45 gender.


Both models have a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is full HD and this gives a user and immersive display. I would have suggested that it came with an ultra HD screen but it could seriously impact the price of the laptop. A full HD screen is still really great I must say.

The screen type is an IPS LCD screen that provides good readability even in sunlight and consumes less power. They have a webcam of 1.3 MP which I reckon is sufficient for a video chat.

The laptops have a reader mode that allows for the best setting possible to enjoy reading.

Hardware and Storage

The 13″ model is powered by Intel core i5 processor with a speed of 2.2GHz while the 14″ model is with an Intel core i7 processor with a speed of 2.4GHz. They posses 8GB of ram with a speed of 1600MHz.

While the smaller one comes with a 128GB SSD, the slightly bigger one is with double the storage capacity this is a subtle way of nudging users to go for the bigger one which not only weighs same as the 13″ but also has double storage and better processors.

Considering the battery, they both have a 7.5 hours discharge time although they have a 2 cell lithium polymer battery of 4555mAh capacity.

Additional Features

The gram laptops come with rather interesting features asides the reading mode that I earlier talked about. The instant boot for example will speed up the boot time to have a feel of a Mac where you just push the power button and it just comes to life like a TV.

The DAC in the gram model ensures great audio quality with less noise and distortion and a richer sound quality known as Hi-Fi.

In summary, you will agree with me that the laptop is of high class and not only is the usage easier but also enjoyable. However, I would have wished for a larger storage but I guess you can simply overcome that by getting a 1TB memory card.


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