LG V10 is coming – It never sounded this good

The LG V10 is set to be released this month (October 2015) and there has been a lot of fuss about this device. This is rightly so as it is a very great phone.

This is not a review but just some little bit of gist to let you know what is coming.

The V10 will be having a 4GB RAM, 64GB of internal storage and external storage slot that can take in up to 2TB.

The insane thing about this dude is that it has two front facing cameras which are 5MP each and one rear camera at 16MP.

The audio quality of this phone which is best enjoyed by using a wired earpiece is second to none.

I really can’t wait to review this gadget but before then, I will want you to at least have some knowledge of it.

Anticipate my review.

Now a few pictures.


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