Lightweight Launchers for Android

I’ll like to say that from my experience using android, I’ll recommend these three lightweight launchers for Android as the best that I have seen and tested.

3.   TSF shell
This is a really great launcher that will wow you its coming on third place because it comes with lots of customization and its large in size. A whole 6.7 MB
It shouldn’t even be considered lightweight but I’ve decided to because its light compared to its features

2.   SSLauncher
Here’s my new found love. Its a really cool launcher and it has come a long way since the last few releases. It now sits at almost 2mb and is a real one of a kind launcher

1.   Smart Launcher
My all-time fav is smart launcher but I’ve not used it in a long while because I’m a dynamic being. I still love it because its light and very easy to use. Its the first and only app out there that fully automates categorisation of apps.

Aviate is also trying to do a similar stuff but in a more timely manner.
I really respect Smart Launcher and it will always be my all-time first love

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