Livia will Help you Eliminate Menstrual Pain

Livia, Eliminate Menstrual Pain

Suzanne, aged 25, said about the Livia “I have to admit, I was sceptical… But this thing actually works for me!”

Fine, I am a guy but when I read something like this I can only be happy for the ladies, plus we men are going to be the better for this. We all know how women are when they are having the menstrual pain, so it can only be good news that there is a device that can eliminate menstrual pain.

Livia is a new pain management device that is undergoing funding on indiegogo and a medical doctor, Prof. Bari Kaplan says it’s safe. Prof. Kaplan says that this is a very effective of killing pain without the need of drugs and recommends it all the way.

How it works? It simply hacks your pain frequency and prevents the brain from registering it. All my female readers, don’t you want to hack all those menstrual pain, that has made you perform the most spectacular aerobics on your bed?

What I am rather interested in the most, is in the other applications of this technology. Most especially for conducting medical procedures.

Check out their rather funny and cool video below.


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