Marvis lauches brand


Marvis, Ex Big Brother Nigeria housemate and PH Princess, has launched a clothing brand called and has announced this to her fans just recently in the Instagram post above.

I was really impressed because she has used her new found fame to act fast and start a business, something that real winners are known for doing.

She was my favorite housemate because of her slightly introverted nature in the Big Brother house. I kind of respected her for that and this new move has made me respect her even more.

On checking the website, I was able to note that the products were reasonably priced. I would hope that she will add other payment options at the moment because a PayPal only method will definitely reduce sales especially from the Nigerian Market.


She offers international shipping on her products (two t-shirts and one face cap).

I find this rather commendable and would hope that Payporte, the main sponsors of Big Brother Nigeria, can talk her into selling her brand exclusively on her website the have more traffic and are better placed to market the brand.


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