One more reason to retweet!

I’ve been to comedy shows where I hear the comedian cracking a joke I last heard while growing or one I had just heard from another comedian just the past month and to be candid, this easily transcends to our daily twitter lives. I really don’t know what it costs to retweet a joke that you like with the click of a button than to now copy and paste the joke making your followers feel that you are funny.

Now twitter has gotten the remedy for the “I’m funny by copy” factor with the classic “the joke’s on you” solution. Whenever you copy paste a copyright content, you will see a Tweet witheld tweet and this is good because it gives the owner of the original tweet a mention.

Now we need to understand that this is not an automated process. You will need to fill this form in other to have offending tweets deleted. Believe you me, your claims will be review in only a matter of days and God bless you, you should file a claim for a stolen tweet and the joke will really be on you.

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