Seven Reasons why MC Oluomo Should Consider Influencer Marketing

Alhaji Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya, popularly known as MC Oluomo is the Substantive Chairman of the Lagos State Chapter of National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) and has been progressively growing in popularity in recent years.

He has been hailed in songs by a good number of A-List Entertainers including Teni and Broda Shaggi. The wife of Mike, a Big Brother Naija Season 4 finalist, recently went to pay a courtesy visit to MC Oluomo and was able to get an endorsement from the NURTW Chairman who canvassed for votes for Mike from fans and despite not having a Twitter account was Number 2 on the list of trending topics on Nigerian Twitter space for a good number of hours on the 3rd of October, 2019.

I found this rather intriguing and couldn’t help but get back to my blogging cap on to write out Seven reasons why MC Oluomo should consider Influencer Marketing.

07: He’s widely respected

It’s easy to fall in love with MC Oluomo because of his comported countenance. He looks cool and is well respected by the ruling class, the biggest names in the entertainment industry, as well as members of the NURTW Lagos Chapter.

06: Good Engagement Rate.

He has a 1.19% Engagement Rate on Instagram and this is particularly great because content on this account is not expertly curated and if we are looking at the fact that he has 250k plus followers, and averages 3k comments and almost 150 comments per post, you can tell that he can probably triple his engagement if his content were to be expertly curated making him join an elite group of accounts that have a 3% and above engagement rate on Instagram.

05: Existing Street Credibility

He already has a robust amount of Street Cred in the entertainment capital of Nigeria and this can only work in his favor as improving his Social Media activity will only mean increased popularity which will work well for creating endorsements.

04: Honest Comments on Accounts

When you carefully look at the comments on the official Instagram feed of MC Oluomo, you will notice that they are all honest comments from people who take time out to drop a comment and you can be sure that there is a sense of loyalty from the commenters and you can be sure to see a good number of verified accounts dropping comments on his wall. This way, a brand can be sure to get quality feedback from campaigns run on his wall that they will need to take pretty serious.

03: Originality

He is already perceived as original and doesn’t use filters or try to look great for the gram. This level of transparency means that brands can be sure that when he recommends a product/service people will tend to trust his opinion, this also means he will need to be very selective in what brands to support because I can bet he probably has the most loyal followings on Instagram.

02: Verified Badge

Becoming an Influencer will greatly increase his chances of getting the Blue Verified Badge for Instagram because, as of now, he already has a fair number of imposters on various social media platforms.
I had to report one such account on twitter while writing this post.

01: Opportunity to Alternate Source of Wealth

We definitely can’t argue that he’s already a wealthy man but as we know even the richest men always want to continue getting richer and we can be sure that if his numbers keep getting higher he will be able to bag really big money from deciding to become a Social Media Influencer!


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