Subaru Outback (2015) short Review

The Subaru Outback 2015 model is a really lovely ride that is a mechanical all-wheel drive and is always hungry to move at the barest touch of the accelerator. The SUV has a hill-hold feature that will ensure that it grips so well when parked on a hill. You must really pump the gas to make it move when the hill-hold feature is on.

The engine starts with the start button and uses the active torque vectoring feature to give it a better handling especially when making turns.

The power steering is electric and the vehicle runs on 20-27 miles per gallon. It boasts of a blindspot monitor and a rearview camera as well as a Internet radio, Bluetooth streaming, iOS integration, USB drive, HD Radio, satellite radio support.

Here’s a picture of the interior as well as the engine.


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