Sunrise Calendar Completes Migration To Outlook

Credit :: Gizmodo

Sometime in February 2016, Microsoft bought Sunrise Calendar and promised to move its features to Outlook on both Android and iOs. The deal was rumoured to be at around $100 million.

The Sunrise app will stop receiving updates after today, though it can still be used. It’s main features have been migrated to the Outlook app for iOs and the Android version will get the features in the coming weeks.

One of the added features is event icons. This works by when you type items with certain keywords, they display an icon that is in line with the keyword on the calendar. For example, when you type “Bike ride” you will see a bicycle icon that will show up.

When you type an address, Outlook will now auto complete the address and auto identify it on the map.

Outlook has also borrowed elements of the Sunrise date and time pickers. This elements ensure that you can tap an empty time in your calendar, and a dialogue will pop up with the time and date prepopulated. If you make changes to any item in your calendar, any attendees that has RSVP’d, will receive a message about the changes.

In all, I think Most Outlook users will be the most happy. I for one, am one glad Outlook user.

Resource | The Verge


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