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Lenovo Yoga A12 Review

Lenovo Yoga A12 Review – A Really Cheap 2-in-1

Lenovo Yoga A12 is not only beautiful looking, but is definitely among the cheapest in the Yoga series. It has a 10.1-inch screen and the most interesting thing about this device is that it really looks like a notebook and I guess it could become a popular gadget in various colleges. DESIGN The A12 is made

LEAGOO Alfa 5 Review

Just last year did LEAGOO come up with the Alfa 5 with a desire to make affordable much more classy than it has ever been and believe you me, this phone is less than $80 and is worth much more than it’s cost. Design The LEAGOO Alfa 5 has a plastic body and that is

Cubot X16 Review – Straightforward beauty

The initial interesting thing about the phone is the thickness of it, but when you consider the power and fact that it comes with a 16MP, back camera with lot of other functionalities including air control, you will agree with me that this is beauty in the electronic form. Design The phone is crafted from zinc alloy

ZTE Blade S6 Plus Review

The ZTE Blade S6 Plus is an iPhone 6 lookalike and has great design and feel. The highlight of the phone is it’s slim nature and curved edges that make it look sleek and handy. It also has an IR Blaster that means you can use this phone as a remote control for your TV.

LG G4 Review

The LG G4 is a revolutionary phone with probably the best camera in a smartphone ever. You might want to argue that when you need great pictures you should get a professional camera but truth you will have to agree that in this world where there are lots of pictures posted daily, you will need

Nexus 6P leaked slides

While going through a particular website today, I noticed that there has been some leaked slides of the upcoming Nexus 6P and I have decided to share my opinion of the Nexus 6P as well as the link to get be able to check out this leaked presentation slides. Google explains that the new smartphone

HUAWEI Honor X2 Tab Review

The HUAWEI honor X2 tablet is a dual sim 4G tablet that is not only classy but strong and built to last. The highlight of this tablet is the 5000mAh battery which I believe is pretty impressive. Design The X2 tablet from huawei is made from aerial hydronalium metal, moulded with nanotechnology has a thickness

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