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How to choose an app

I have talked about how to choose a smart phone as well as the five must have apps for the android user and the iOS user. Today I want to take it a step further and talk about how to choose one. I’ll focus on the android user and will hope that others will be

Ulefone uWear Smart Watch Review

The uWear like the GT08+ is a smartwatch that is compatible with iOS and Android systems, has bluetooth touch pairing and smart anti-lost functionality. It’s the kind of Smart Watch you fall in love with on first sight. Design The uWear was made with great detail and craftsmanship. The case was made from stainless steel

iPhone 6s Review

The iPhone 6s brings a revolutionary experience with the 3D touch. The innovation brought into the phone reminds me of how Microsoft also brought an awesome exprience for the users with the introduction of Windows 10. Design The iphone 6s has a ceramic metalic finish just like the iPhone 6 but is slightly heavier and

V5S Smart Wristband Review and Specs

The V5S wristband is a really cool piece of hardware especially for the ladies and it doesn’t cost a fortune. At just $10.96 a piece it will make a really affordable gift item for your girlfriends. The V5S is made from silicon material and weighs just 0.02kg Asides indicating time, this bluetooth activated wristband will

Aiwatch GT08+ SmartWatch Review

The GT08+ is a smartwatch that is compatible with iOS and Android systems, has bluetooth touch pairing and smart anti-lost functionality. Design I usually don’t take the design section for smart watches but the detail that was taken in producing this watch merits the inclusion of this section. The watch was completed after 193 steps

EZCast Pro HDMI Mirror2TV Stick Review

The EZCast Pro is based on the successful model of EZCast and works by plugging it to the HDMI port of your TV. TV sticks are portable computers that allow for video streaming and related activities. 🙂 Hardware The EZCast Pro is with a Novel hardware design to ensure a superb viewer experience. It outputs

Zeblaze Crystal Smart Watch Review

Behold the worlds first crystal smart watch with Bi-color injection moulding. The ultra precise HRM heartbeat monitor is pretty amazing. There are more reasons to use this smart watch if you actually consider the $80 pricing. Design and Display The watch was crafted to have a perfect radian design and this means that the curved

How to Choose your next Smart Phone

I really need you to read this before you need to choose your next Smart Phone. Smartphones are slowly replacing computers as there are more powerful and also getting larger screens. Computers are unlikely to be phased out however, with the right Smart Phone, you could reduce the usage of your computer considerably. Here’s my