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Telecast X98 Pro Tab Review

This is the second dual OS device that I will be reviewing ever and this is rather interesting because they are great for people who want the best of both worlds (Android and Windows). At 9.7 inches, the beauty of this tab is that it can easily pass for a mini PC once you connect

EZCast Pro HDMI Mirror2TV Stick Review

The EZCast Pro is based on the successful model of EZCast and works by plugging it to the HDMI port of your TV. TV sticks are portable computers that allow for video streaming and related activities. 🙂 Hardware The EZCast Pro is with a Novel hardware design to ensure a superb viewer experience. It outputs

How is Windows 10 doing?

If you are using Windows 10, then you are evidently one of the over 75 million people who are using this prestigious OS. It took Microsoft half a year to sell 100 million windows 8 licenses and I find this milestone pretty commendable as the world we now live in is one where touching lives (reach) is

How to Choose your next Smart Phone

I really need you to read this before you need to choose your next Smart Phone. Smartphones are slowly replacing computers as there are more powerful and also getting larger screens. Computers are unlikely to be phased out however, with the right Smart Phone, you could reduce the usage of your computer considerably. Here’s my

Lenovo ThinkPad P70 Review

The Lenovo ThinkPad P70 is a really great PC that has all the major ports that you need, great display and possesses a very powerful powerful performance. Design It comes in a brick-like matte black box that has straight and angular edges. The material is less prone to attract fingerprint or dirt. The keyboard is backlit and

Ten reasons for a Windows 10 Upgrade

Here are the top ten reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10. 1. The Start Menu The new start menu is windows 8 is actually an hybrid of the Windows 7 start menu and the Windows 8 start screen. It mixes things both desktop and modern apps together and what’s more, uninstalling a modern app has not been so easy, all you need do is right-click and uninstall. 2. Cortana The digital assistant that we have come to enjoy on WIndows Phone is now alive on our desktop PCs. And it is well positioned just after the start menu icon. What’s more, I ask Cortana to tell me a joke and she says, If you can’t helium (heal them) and you can’t curium (cure them) you’ll probably have to barium (you get, right?). 3. Edge Browser Even though Internet Explorer is still in windows 10, Microsoft Edge has been given the edge to be the star boy of this windows and one thing is that it is well integrated with Cortana and that’s a good thing. I don’t have to tell you I’m a true blue right? 4. Virtual Desktops Windows 10 seems to be the most organised Windows operating system ever and they have decided to bring in virtual desktops (a feature linux users have been using forever). This means that you can as well go on to spread you work across various spaces. 5. Action Center This is the new actions centre and it is the spot for all those notifications and quick settings as you would on your mobile device. I’m sure you will wonder how you ever lived without it once you fall in love. 6. Better Core Apps The core apps (Mail, Calender and Photos,) are much better and I am sorry I would’t be showing you any screenshots here. I can’t quantify how well this things play out. 7. Continuum The continuum in windows 10 is that wether you are using a touch screen or not there is a display mode that is suited for you and if you are using a hybrid? Then it becomes smarter switching display modes as at when needed. 8. Unified Settings Even though God Mode is still available in WIndows 10, the Unified settings makes it less needed as all of our settings have been moved to a convenient place. 9. Battery Saver The battery saver option has phased out the power options and this means that once you are on battery power, you can activate power saver and Windows 10 will do the rest 10. Phone Companion Probably my best feature, it looks to help you sync your mobile with your PC, making them closer than before.

How to change default browser in Windows 10

While reading today I came across the Open Letter that the Mozilla CEO targeted at Microsoft expressing his frustration at how many clicks it takes to change the default browser in Windows 10. I’ve decided to write this short tutorial to help those who wish to change their default browser. STEP 1: Open the start Menu STEP

Top Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve been able to upgrade to the Windows 10 Pro version and I thought I should share some of the keyboard shortcuts that I find most userful Keyboard Combination Function Winkey + Tab Activates Task View Winkey + A Activates Action Center Winkey + C Activates Cortana with speech> Winkey + D Shows desktop Winkey +

How to install Windows 10

I’ve often preferred to install or upgrade windows via the offline method and that’s what I will be describing in this post. Before you go ahead, you might want to go through my initial review of Windows 10. You will need to download Windows 10 iSO file, a product key, and ensure that you have