The $80 Android Alternative

I quickly came online to grab some news about the ZTE Open and get a little gist about the Firefox OS but I didn’t find it all in one piece (the gist, that is) So, I’m here to give you a summary of what I feel and then the Specs.

The phone seems to be the first device to run the Firefox OS. I want to say first and foremost that we can’t be too hard on the first. I mean a lot of bigger companies didn’t make the first move, but ZTE did and to me, that’s a big Plus. So, I say Kudos. I see a misguided blogger saying all the wrong things about the ZTE Open here. Compares it’s hardware to the 4S that ships for $450. Be real, Please whoever you are. I agree with a lot of the blog though. It looks like an annoying phone to use but I’ll still say, the Firefox OS is at a very early stage and what we need to provide right now is constructive Feedback to make the Firefox OS really great. We do owe Firefox one at least after all they’ve contributed to our web experiences.
If you are thinking of getting a Firefox OS, know that you are getting a phone that is web dependent and in it’s early stages. Don’t be too disappointed it doesn’t work like the iOS or the Android.
For the specs of the ZTE Open, check here and for batter hardware, you can pre-order this


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