The iOS7 Swag

The following functions really make iOS7 cool. you might not even know about them

For example when siri messes up a friends name, just say “you didn’t pronounce that correctly.” and you are on your way to correcting siri.

Siri can now handle your call log too. So, it’s easy to tell siri to call back the last dialed number or the call you just missed.

You can also change your Airdrop visibility. Though I think Whatsapp, and Facebook messenger, need this feature more

The map now comes with night mode which is milder for the eye, messages also come with time stamps, so you know when that message dropped.

When a trusted free wifi spot is available, trust me, iOS7 will connect you automatically. This is brilliant as you save data charges a lot this way.

For calls, it gets interesting, not only can you make audio only FaceTime calls, but you can also block calls and messages.


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