The King of MobileOS [User Stats]

The King of all Mobile OS’es

On the 21st of November 2014, I quickly used the new Polls feature from Google+ to know what the various Mobile OS communities on google+ felt about the the OS as well as some others. I asked the question “Which Mobile OS is the Best?” for a period of three days, and as you thought, each community voted itself as the best mobile OS. Now let’s look at each community.


In this community we saw the biggest victory of any of the OS’es. This brings me to the conclusion that Android users (which I am a part of) are very determined with their choice and are so sure that they can’ get anything better. During my discussion I got a member () who told me he was using all four OS’es and he feels BB10.3 is the best of all.
What I have to say here is that Android users revel in the fact that the OS brings a lot of freedom, and a lot of apps, but the main complaint is that it doesn’t run as smooth as the iOS.
One thing I have to say to Google is this “Android users love what you have given, repay this loyalty by providing a really smooth experience”
Android 5.0 (Lollipop) is here, and it has a lot of really cool features as described in this post.

Blackberry OS

In the BB community, we saw over half of them saying that their OS is the best and this means that most of them seem comfortable to be using the OS and whatever of them is still using BB, about half of them might already own, or considering to one. I don’t have any proof of that than my weird interpretation of the votes.
I have this to say however, BB users still love what they have wholeheartedly and something tells me the developers of BB os are definitely still doing a lot of things right.


I guess iOS users really hate google because they have the lowest number of votes of all communities, or alternatively, the number of users have drastically reduced, whatever the case may be, I am working with data in front of me and I believe that, most of them are lovers of android.


Lastly Windows, the result from this community showed me that windows mobile users are also so loyal and they love what they got, but as noticed, android still scoops more than a fourth of the votes. Windows users, claimed that what they had is best. They claimed that they do not have as much apps as Android users, however, they had stuff they needed.

Now let’s look at the results comparatively.

% Win of Own
% Win of Android
No of Votes
% of Total Votes


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