Toyota Avensis 2015 short Review

The 2015 model of the Toyota Avensis makes it more appealing because a lot of new features has been added. I decided to rush through this post because we are celebrating independence day in Nigeria and as such decided to go a a care that is being sold in Nigeria as you can check on the Toyota Nigeria website to confirm its availability.

The front of the car looks wider because of the way the headlights has been redesigned to look slimmer and thinner while the bumper is a bit lower.

The back part is with dark-tinted light clusters and with LED light to give a pretty prestigious look.

The dashboard as shown in the picture above is the LHD model looks very neat and tidy. There is a better level of sound insulation and a larger touchscreen that is much more accessible and more convenient to use while navigating with the GPS function.

The 2015 Avensis is powered by a BMW engine which will go from zero to sixty two miles an hour in about 12 seconds and can reach a top speed of 115 miles per hour which corresponds to about 185 kilometres an hour.

It is with a sweet-to-use six-speed gear shift system and is exceedingly quiet and with great handling.

On a final note, it is a front wheel drive.

That’s about what I know about this vehicle as I have not been opportuned to drive one and I need to join the family discussion right about now.

Wish my country happy independence. Cheers!!!

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