Use Egg Weights to Burn Calories Faster

Egg Weights was launched in January of 2017 and even though it wasn’t able to reach its funding goal, it’s importance caught my attention and hence I decided to write about it.

Egg Weights boasts to be the world’s first and only ergonomic palm centered weights, making them good for most fitness routines including running, hiking, walking, and core reps.

The University of Southern California Research Exercise Center conducted a research with the Egg Weights and noted an increase in calorie burn by up to 62%/min while walking and 28%/min while running.

Egg Weights

Christian Malcolm, who created Egg Weights, recalled that the inspiration came after a hiking accident with his six-year-old son. Christian was carrying a standard 2-pound dumbbell while hiking and then accidentally hit his son in the shoulder with the end of the dumbbell.

Chris got a bit scared because he was trying to reason how bad the accident might have been had he hit his son on the head with the dumbbell. He later tried to work on making something that could still make workouts safer and yet effective.

Egg Weights is already in use by professional athletes, fitness nuts, health care workers, police officers, fire fighters, and youth athletes all looking for an “extra edge.”

There are three variation of Egg Weights which are the runner’s eggs, the cardio max and the knock out.

The runner’s egg weighs 0.75 pounds, the cardio max weighs 1.15 pounds while the cardio max weighs 1.5 pounds.

I think this is a very crucial and important invention and if you have ever had an accident in the gym while using the standard 1-pound or 2-pound weights, you will definitely appreciate the importance of the Egg Weights. It’s not just about getting the results, it’s about ensuring that you as well as the people around you are as safe as possible while getting your results.

I’ll say Christian has been able to kill two birds with a stone because of his egg weights.


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