ZTE V5 3 4G Phablet Review

The ZTE V5 3 phablet is a dual nano sim type phone that is very powerful and easy to use. Remember that ZTE phone use snapdragon processors and this is such a good thing.


The battery is removable and the sim ports are just around the left frame of the phone and can be accessed by using a sim key pin. The right frame holds the volume up and down as well as the power button.
Talking about size, the dimensions are 8.55mm thick, 77.2mm wide and 155.3mm long making the phablet very handy and stylish.


The phone is with full HD display and 401 PPI you are so sure that you will enjoy every bit of pixel that the phone has to offer. The screen type is capacitive and is 5.5” making it big enough to enjoy your games and videos.

Hardware and Storage

The phablet is powered by octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor and the graphics is controlled by the Adreno-405 GPU while the ram size of 2GB is enough to not cause any major lag while operating.

The 16GB rom can be expanded to 144GB by adding a 128GB micro SD card to the memory expansion slot.

ZTE is ensuring that you can use this phablet for your daily tasks and enjoy every moment you spend on the phone as it can store as much as you decide to store on it.

The battery capacity of 3000mAh is very capable of ensuring that you don’t charge your phone every now and then


Camera and OS

The front camera is 5.0MP and then the back camera is 13.0MP and with flash light. You will be able to take really good photos with the camera but you might not be able to take well detailed photos at night since it uses single flash.

The phablet ships with Android 5.1 and with the nubia UI you will definitely enjoy using this device but as always will advice that you go for maybe action launcher 3.


There are some extra features that come with the phone under the feature menu in settings where you will find some rather interesting stuff like smart face, custom button key, smart sensing and touch gestures.

On-Point Rating

With the ZTE V5 3 selling at just one cent lesser that $200.00, you will definitely enjoy the device, however, it would have been a perfect device if the internal storage was double, there was compass sensor, the RAM was a little higher and there was a dual flash but since it’s not perfect and very faily priced, it has an OPR of 9.95

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